Troop Announcements

Trail Life Troop CO-1728

  • Troop Ministry Liaison
    Bob Fox
  • Troop Committee Chair
    Tim Keslar
  • Troopmaster
    Brian Wilson
  • Chaplain
    Justin Combs
  • Treasurer
    Blair Watkinson
  • Advisor
  • Trailmaster
  • Ranger

AHG Troop CO1728

  • Charter Representative
    Bob Fox
  • Troop Coordinator
    Tim Keslar
  • Vice Coordinator
    Abigail Stewart
  • Shepherd
  • Treasurer
    Blair Watkinson
  • Pathfinder Unit Leader
  • Tenderheart+ Unit Leader

We get it! When it comes to the coronavirus, there are many opinions, and the members of our committee and boards likely share them. Our coronavirus policies are not measures we take out of fear, but out of love for God and for our neighbor. These measures are influenced by compliance with government orders and requests.

We understand that in our troop, there is a wide array of of views and responses to this situation. See the link below for our current policy. As our ministry is stregthened by community and participation, it is our hope that all would participate in submission to our policy without fear, pride, or frustration. Our desire is to maintain the unity of the body of Christ and the testimony of the gospel. It is also our desire to minister to the young men and women of Douglas County in the midst of these trying times.

Coronavirus Policy

Welcome or welcome back! We're excited that you want to join in troop activities this year. There are a few key steps that apply to both American Heritage Girls and Trail Life USA:

Upcoming Events


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